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ok starting 2015 i will be selling of some hand built guitars most of which will look like a MB-1 manson so if anyone here wants one i could either custom build you one or i can sell it to you next year i will be selling at least 1 every month since im using exotic woods and imported that i need to get to build these things

prices vary on how i build a guitar and what i use for example a guitar with good pickups and parts but with no special circuits would cost around 1,500 dollars and adding special circuits such as sustainers and so on will put the price at around 2,000 or above

most will be built to look like this but will also be painted differently or maybe a few different parts like machine heads and wood along with pickup types from single coils to p90s to standard style humbuckers
i also plan to make these in different string numbers mainly 6 to 7 string if anyone wants a 12 string or something like that you can custom order one

all of the headstocks will be blank since i cant legally put the manson logo on it and sell it to people so the buyer can have his or her name painted on it or anything like that

a standard guitar that i will sell will be built with alder bodies, birdseye maple necks, and east indian rosewood fretboards -- bareknuckle bridge pickups mainly the nailbomb for humbuckers some goes for neck unless if it has the sustainer neck pickup already installed -- kill switch, split coil, and midi controller/fuzz factory and other internal options can be installed if requested

effects that i can have built into the guitar--
z-vex wah probe
z-vex fuzz factory
phase 90 MXR
Roland GK pickup

and im currently trying to get a place to make me custom parts and when i do you can get custom machinehead buttons and control knobs
  • Mood: Artistic
i have a friend who may help me get a video game in the future and i want some help in ideas and such

its a large free roam RPG style game that has no real story mode yet and so far the location i have in mind is inspired by banks peninsula new zealand the map is based off of that location so far unless if anyone has any better ideas
this game will have several special features and thanks to next gen may become possibilities to be made

i want ideas for weapons, vehicles, so on and so on just throw down a random idea no matter how crazy sounding

weapons so far:
Sig 552
ACR bushmaster
Scar H
M1 garand
Colt Python
Rhino Revolver
Desert eagle
USP .45
Walther P99
Spas 12
Mossberg 590
Stevens 520-30
HK UMP .45
FN P-90
Mini UZI
Kriss Vector
Barrett M82A1
China Lake
M72 law
PKP Pecheneg
vehicles so far
GAZ 2975
A-10 Warthog
MI-24 Hind
Leopord 2
Sikorsky MH-53
UH-1 Huey
V-22 Osprey
ok thats the weapons and vehicles i have so far but i need boats and civilian vehicles and shit if anyone has any questions or ideas drop a note or comment it would be really good to get peoples opinions on the subject
i have so many ideas but i need more
  • Mood: Lonely
ok so ive been thinking of doing this for a long time but i may just abandon DA all together since i am becoming more inactive as time goes on
recently ive tried to get into contact with some old friends well the ones that are still able to talk and not the inactive ones or the ones that deactivated their account which makes me sad to see that happen i miss my friends the few i have left... if i can even call them my friends anymore

but if anyone is reading which i doubt you are just send me a note and i will send you my skype name and everything so we can stay in touch or i can tell you about the other places i go to that you can talk to me at

a list of friends i knew

to all in this list i salute you and will miss all of you
im not leaving im just not going to be on here as much anymore


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United States

i am a human male and love SEVERAL things like
star wars
mass effect
invader zim
brothers in arms
grand theft auto
assassins creed
call of duty and more

i joined may 6 2012 and now i have several characters even though it used to be hard for me to make a character

i RP my first rp was about a month after i joined it was fun and ever since then im an rper

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